cow bells

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We are presenting two categories of cow bells: the common bells and the collection bells.

There are bells for every wishes:       - small or big
                                                        - with or without a belt
                                                        - old or new

* * All our old bells have been worn by cows * * 

Look at the
pictures and write us what you would like for a personal offer at, or by phone at +41 22 366 29 35. Thank you!


Small explanations:

There are two main types of bells: the one made with bronze and the one made with iron. The bells in bronze are cast in mold sand their shapes look like church bells, while the iron bells are made from a steel sheet and are rounder.

Some bells are made in great numbers by factories, while others are made by small artisans. Usually, every makers print their mark on each piece they make, this is what we call the “brand of the bell”. Some brand are rarer than other and are not made anymore, therefore when the bells are of high quality, they become a collector’s item.